Download these fonts only if you have AYGOCM Version 5.2.1 or below: (5.3+ has the fonts already integrated)

Click here to download the main font
Click here to download the font for Pendulum Templates

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Version 5.4.4(.4) Public Release Update (Latest):

Version 5.4.3(.3) Public Release Update (Latest):

Version 5.4.2 Public Release Update:

Version 5.4(.0.2) Public Release Update:

Version 5.3.2(.2) Public Release Update:

Version 5.2.1 Public Release Update

YOU have voted and WE have acted!

We are working on a final update for this version of Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker!

This means that this version will be discontinued, and the new version (Java Edition) will be regularly updated.

Reasons why this is a good change are stated below, if you are interested.

We need YOUR opinion!

We are considering shifting everything into one version (the java edition), the reasons being:

Votes are now closed.

Version 5.2 Public Release Update:

Version 5.1 Public Release Update:

New announcement!

Version 5.0.4(.4) Public Release Update:

Version 5.0.3(.1) Quick Update:

Version 5.0.2 Quick Update:

Version 5.0.1 Quick Update :

Version 5.0 Update Log:

Version 4.1 Update Log:



Version 4.0 Update Log:

Version 3.1 Update Log:

Version 3.0.1 Update Log:

Version 3.0 Update Log:

Version 2.1 Update Log:

Version 2.0 Update Log: